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Jessica Pires offers you a moment of relaxation

Jessica Pires offers you a moment of relaxation

Jessica Pires offers you a relaxing moment in music with her favorite playlist and a 100% well-being contest. Discover her through her favorite tracks.
Footballer wife and former model, Jessica Pires assumes and is not limited to that. Jessica Lemarié Pires inspires us because she embodies the French class. Be Smart. Be Wild.
For Mother’s Day, this tribal leader shares her secrets of happiness as a mother, an entrepreneur and a woman.

Mother, entrepreneur, committed woman, Jessica enchains a life filled with great speed which she reveals on the social networks without filter: job, family, solidarity actions, holidays, evenings people, sporting events etc. She really has the French class that lives in London today and manages to make women and men dream with her charm, her elegance, her beauty and her disarming rock ‘n roll temperament.
Well surrounded and even very surrounded, Jessica is far from the cliché that one could make of a former model and footballer wife. She knows how lucky she is to enjoy her family, relatives and friends. And finally, when you give so much, you always get a lot.

Jessica, we love her too because at the question “when do you like listening to music? She answers ALL THE TIME! Be Smart. Be Wild. 

Meeting with Jessica Lemarié Pires, founder of the luxury brand Onira Organics.

Jessica, from birth, you are destined to be chief of tribe, first eldest of siblings of 9 children, mother of 3 children and woman who supports actions for children, how do you explain your success in all these missions?
I think I’m very lucky because I like what I do and I get involved every time thoroughly, my family, my friends, my company, the association …
I make myself available every time. It takes time but it satisfies me so much.
I am indeed the eldest of 5 sisters and 3 brothers, my family is part of my balance. We are very close together and we call each other’s often, as an elder, I always have a say ? even if we do not always agree.
For my children, I chose to be available and manage alone without nanny! I still have a baby sitter sometimes when I go out ? but I do not want to miss anything and see them grow up. Time passes so quickly. We did everything together kitchen, school, sports, manual activities … and soon, gardening with the beautiful days.
I take the time for the things that matter to me, my family, my friends and also those who need it, the whole composes my balance and fills me with satisfaction.
My entrepreneurial adventure started with Onira Organics, my brand of hair cosmetics. I work from home and it has not always been obvious but what a chance and a satisfaction to manage myself. By letting go (a lot) and organizing myself (a lot), I learned to manage my “organized mess” and it works.
The Chain of Hope association is a network that links actions and people around the world with the desire to facilitate access to cardiac care for children in need.

At 41 years old, you are an action woman, modern and connected and you keep smiling in any situation, what are your 3 well-being secrets to preserve your balance?

(Laughs) Hard to summarize in 3 words, it would certainly be love, my first secret ? I love life, I love my man, my children, my family, my relatives … and what happiness to feel loved too in return. It is my basic balance.
Then trust is a value that is important to me: self-confidence and trust in others. Self-confidence requires work on oneself and trust in others is acquired. All this takes time, requires availability of mind and effort but trust is essential.
Optimism too! I am an eternal optimist “there is no problem, there are only solutions” it was the maxim of my mother (the author is André Gide ed) and this sentence is the solution to the difficulties. Again, this attitude requires taking a step back, questioning yourself and analyzing: facing a difficult situation, I ask myself, I rationalize and I always find a solution because I think there is always a solution.

You are beautiful, free and inspiring. On the women’s side, who are your models?
My MOM, she is definitely my first model.
And my daughter, yes it’s strange but from the height of her 12 years old, she impresses me. Naïa manages her life with calmness, maturity and responsibility.
Many women around me also inspire me every day. Women like Fanny Moisant, creator of Vestiaire Collective, she succeeds brilliantly to manage her life, her family and her beautiful company with naturalness, sweetness and kindness.
And there are so many more like Valérie Messika, creator of the jewels brand Messika, she is so free, creative, inspiring!
In our entrepreneurial adventures, we stand in solidarity with one another and this feeling of sorority is joyful and stimulating.

Jessica Pires offers you a moment of relaxation

Jessica Pires offers you a relaxing moment of music for Mother’s Day!

A day in music with you would start with what song?
Boa Sorte Vanessa Da Mata and Ben Harper all in softness.
What song are you listening to and when?
Bazzi Mine, very often!
What are your artists to relax?
Lana Del Rey and Donna Summer.
What is your favorite artist for a drink with friends?
Alanis Morissette.
What is your music for a romantic evening?
We listen to our favorites songs, the songs of our beginning like Nelly Usher.
The artists you dance on?
Dj Snake and Julian Peretta
What is your best last discovery?
Freaky Friday of Lil Dicky with Chris Brown.
Your favorite song that always works?
Dalida – Il venait d’avoir 18 ans
Your song SHAME but which you like too much?
Sardou – Femme des années 80
Your summer hit that brings out the sun?
On the Line – J Peretta
Your favorite song?
Ironic Alanis Morissette and Freedom G Michael

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Thank you Jessica for your availability. Interviewed by Linh Tran.

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