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IFA 2018: Divacore unveils its new true wireless

IFA 2018: Divacore unveils its new true wireless

IFA 2018: Divacore unveils its new true wireless so stay connected!


Since its creation in 2011, Divacore sets new standards and consolidates its position as a French specialist in nomad audio.

Our speakers Ktulu 2 and Ktutu 2+ are still today among the best on the market and are recommended by the professionals for their impressive features not yet equaled: universal connectivity, record autonomy of 40h and 35h, powerbank.

Divacore also signs its french touch and its know-how by combining perfection, simplicity and design in its first set of bluetooh helmets Addict and Blueskull. The Addict wireless HD headset qualified as “Exploit français” remains the best nomad headphones concentrating a good sound, a recognizable design and a record autonomy (30hours!). When the Blueskull intras ranked among the best wireless headphones and sports intras 2016, they remain the favorite wireless headphones sports music lovers and ultra-nomad in 2017.

In 2016, the Redskull sports headphones, the Bloop waterproof speaker and the Hey By Jo active noise reduction headphones are the perfect complement to the nomad audio collection, incorporating all the latest technologies: ANC, IPX7 stereo sound processing, etc.

The year 2017 also marks the success of Divacore with AntiPods, our 100% wireless headphones widely noticed at IFA 2017. Our AntiPods were also voted best audio product of the year : a consecration for Divacore that stands out as market leader of  “true wireless”.

IFA 2018: Divacore unveils its new true wireless

Divacore, a French specialist in wireless audio, is today the new essential brand of nomad audio. It is unanimous that Divacore has been acclaimed with its 100% “true wireless” AntiPods. All the national and international press, professionals and the general public have all propelled AntiPods among the best innovations since its launch at IFA in 2017.

Distributed to all specialists, Divacore has prestigious references offering worldwide availability.

Divacore introduces a new generation of 100% wireless headphones during IFA 2018 featuring Nomad and Nomad + combining style and musical experience. If you are in Berlin, do not hesitate to come to our stand for an exclusive demonstration to discover the next 2018 innovation!

Nomad is available in “+” version for travelers, as well as a new “Outdoor Sports” mode.

“Our new generation earbuds are testament to our industry-leading engineering capabilities, stemming from our Divacore wireless audio heritage, for both daily on-the-go and travel use. This is a whole new range of superior sound products, based on our vast knowledge and customer feedback from earlier true wireless generations,” said David Grasso, CEO at Divacore. said David Grasso, CEO at Divacore.

More information coming soon …

Divacore Hall 26 IFA NEXT Booth N°373.

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