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AntiPods, effective True Wireless earphones at a reasonable price

AntiPods, effective True Wireless earphones at a reasonable price

* Best earphones 100% wireless

With a title like this, no doubt that AntiPods have made happy people under many Christmas trees! Maybe yours?

AntiPods, effective True Wireless earphones at a reasonable price

Divacore came out hands down and under a shower of stars in the demanding and attentive test of CNET, very big news agency.

A small size and a featherweight

AntiPods are extremely comfortable, even the most comfortable “True Wireless” tested by CNET so far and only if they are well placed in the ears.

*Adjust. Enjoy

1. Choose the adapted tip size.

2. Place them on the ears, turn them to adjust.

3. Your Antipods are ready.

The transport case of the AntiPods easy to slide in your pocket offers a double advantage. You protect your headphones and you charge them easily. Divacore holds so far the record of autonomy for wireless headphones with more than 24 hours!

The ingenious magnet system allows the perfect positioning for the charge of each earpiece with the diode system that confirms the recharging.

Bet on a stable Bluetooth connection

With a “congrats” for the quality of the Bluetooth connection, AntiPods fulfil the 100% wireless contract with a satisfactory wireless connection quality and a scope of nearly twenty meters, CNET confirms and appreciates the stability of the connection.

Beware, however, if cuts persist, we invite you to perform various tests to ensure an optimal audio experience!

The manipulations are here.

An unbeatable value for money

And the audio quality? Divacore, specialist in nomadic audio, bet on a balanced, fairly neutral sound that will restore your music as much as possible. And for optimal listening, several sizes of tips are proposed to find those adapted to your ear canal, this way, AntiPods intras will deliver an exceptional audio experience in stereo with good spatialization and the audio experience will quickly become “enough impressive “with audio supports in 3D or bi-naural.

In conclusion, CNET ends by confirming that AntiPods are the best wireless headphones by succeeding on what is essential: “they are very comfortable, well designed, autonomous and still satisfactory in terms of sound. In short, for now, it is the best value for money”.

Thank you, CNET, for this excellent test! It’s up to you to make your opinion! Are you going to dare to cut the wires and switch to the 100% wireless?

AntiPods are available in two colors here for 119,00€.

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